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Oral health and the hygiene it requires should be a key element of your daily routine. Sandra Onukwugha, DMD, at Healing Smiles helps people living in or around New Brunswick, New Jersey, develop a comprehensive dental health regimen through regular teeth care and dental cleanings to prevent plaque and tartar buildup, identify and treat cavities, and avert any chance of dental diseases. Call or use online booking today to take the first step toward dental health.

Dental Cleaning Q & A

What happens during a dental cleaning appointment? 

When you book an appointment for a dental cleaning with Dr. Onukwugha, you can expect her to treat your appointment at a preventive care visit. During your consultation, you can count on five main things taking place:

An exam 

Dr. Onukwugha will review the patient’s medical and dental history, then review any X-rays taken, followed by a full assessment of the patient’s bone and gum health prior to the cleaning. Every routine exam will also include an oral cancer screening, which is a quick and simple yet vital component as well. 

Plaque and tartar removal 

Plaque and tartar removal is the core component of a dental cleaning. During this process, Dr. Onukwugha scrapes off any plaque or tartar buildup using a small mirror and a scaler. Depending on your oral health routine, this can be a quick process. 

The more regularly you’re brushing and flossing, the faster this phase will be. 

Teeth cleaning 

Once Dr. Onukwugha has eliminated tartar and plaque, she uses a high-powered brush and gritty toothpaste to thoroughly polish your teeth. 


If you’re not an avid flosser, this step is even more important. Dr. Onukwugha identifies the areas of your gums that are more prone to bleeding and painful symptoms, and shows you how and where to floss to prevent problem areas from developing. 

Fluoride treatment 

Once the scraping, cleaning, and flossing are finished, Dr. Onukwugha applies an optional fluoride treatment to the surface of your teeth to add a layer of protection from cavities. 

How often should I get my teeth cleaned? 

Everyone is different, though the general recommendation is that you should book a teeth cleaning at least twice per year. 

Regular dental cleanings are an important component of preventative dental care, and help to identify and address minor problems before they become more serious. It is essential in the prevention, control, and treatment of gum disease, detection of cavities, and overall prevention of tooth loss. By helping keep the bacterial load in the mouth down, research has shown that regular cleanings can also reduce bacteria in the bloodstream, helping to maintain the patient’s overall health.

Depending on your gum health, underlying conditions, and other factors that you discuss with Dr. Onukwugha, you may need to come in more often to stay healthy. 

Do teeth cleanings damage your enamel? 

You don’t have to worry about Dr. Onukwugha’s professional-grade equipment damaging your enamel during teeth cleanings. 

Enamel is one of the most durable and robust substances in your body. In fact, it coats your teeth to protect them from erosion that comes from grinding, binding, and chewing. 

Dr. Onukwugha identifies the areas of your mouth where your enamel has worn down and provides effective and individualized care to help it regain its health-protecting potential. 

Dental hygiene is foundational. Whether you have a robust oral hygiene routine at home or want to develop one, Dr. Onukwugha can give you the information and care you need to keep dental issues at bay. Call or click online booking today to book a dental cleaning appointment.